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York Consulting Conference

Opportunity. Employability. Growth.


We are driven to cultivate the Leaders of tomorrow. We do this by offering the fantastic opportunity for students to enhance their employability by bringing social impact. This is achieved through engaging with members of our community on consultancy projects ranging from local charities, start-ups, and local businesses.

We also deliver a variety of events, from workshops such as “Women in Consulting” and “How to be a Resilient Leader,” to our annual consulting conference. Ultimately, we strive to help our community maximise their potential through achieving personal, professional or societal growth.

York Consulting Conference 2019

Our annual consulting conference will be held on the University of York’s Heslington East campus on the 28th February 2019. The theme of the conference is ‘Leadership in Changing Times,’ and will consider three important and current changes in the consulting world: diversity & disability, technology, and career changes. Our conferences epitomise our values, improving the employability of university students and making social impact, through industry talks, workshops, and networking with industry professionals and experts.

"It wasn’t until I spoke with someone in the industry that I clearly understood the trends and how I could improve my technical skills." - Summaya Mughal, MA Politics with international Relations, Politics

The York Consulting Conference was officially launched for the first time on the 3rd February 2017, and we have grown in size every year since. At our 2018 ‘Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow’ Conference, we welcomed over 120 students from a range of universities, including York, Durham, Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester. We were privileged to host industry experts from firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG and Google Cloud

York Consulting Conference 2019 Introduction

YCC is committed to providing opportunities throughout the year to enhance their employability by making real social impact to our local communities, which leads to personal, professional, and societal growth. Our annual conference is just one of the ways in which we do this, and it is open to all students across the UK. For ticket releases, speakers, and more conference details, please keep an eye on this space, or alternatively find us on Facebook!


Over 100 students from York, Leeds, Newcastle, Manchester and Durham came to the 2017 Spring Conference.



Panel Debate

Opening Speech

The Conference provides the best opportunity, the fantastic opportunity, for students to network, to learn and understand what is happening in the industry, how they can learn more, they they can interact with future employers: how to gauge and get to grips with what's happening.

When we think of consulting, and what makes consulting exciting, we think of the diverse challenge; every single day you work on something new. Today we operate in financial services, management, healthcare, technology, education; we covering so much, in such a small space of time, but that's what makes consulting what it is.

In this audience we have a range of students, some who want consulting as a career, or want to explore consulting and learn what's happening. If I speak from my own personal experience, it wasn't until I spoke with someone in the industry, that I really understood that, wow, this is quite incredible, quite exciting, I'd really like to get into this; and that is what drove us to be here.